CredAbility ReConnect Program to Help Those Who Serve our CountryThursday, June 07, 2012

Citi and CredAbility Join with IAVA, TAPS, and MSCCNto Launch Online Financial Education and Counseling Program for Armed ForcesMembers, Veterans, and Their Families


CredAbility ReConnect is Tailored to Meet the Unique FinancialChallenges

Facing ThoseWho Serve Our Country


NEW YORK, June 7, 2012 — Militaryservice members, veterans, and their families and survivors need uniqueguidance and support to maintain their long-term financial health.  Today, Citi joined with Iraqand Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the Tragedy Assistance Program forSurvivors(TAPS), and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) to announce thelaunch of CredAbilityReConnect,a free online financial education and counseling program specifically designedto help these communities resolve financial difficulties and build economicsecurity. The program, supported by a grant from Citi Community Development,was developed by CredAbility, a national nonprofit creditcounseling organization, in collaboration with each of these establishedveterans’ service organizations.

 Recentdata shows that members of the armed forces, veterans and their families faceparticular financial difficulties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,the unemployment rate for veterans who have served on active duty sinceSeptember 2001 was 12.1 percent in 2011, compared to the national unemploymentrate of 8.9 percent that same year. According to, more than 25 percent of military families thathave credit card debt carry a balance of more than $10,000, and a third ofmilitary families report they have trouble paying monthly bills.   Also, 2011 data from CredAbility of veteranswho went through credit counseling shows that veterans ages 29 or younger have averagemonthly expenses that exceed their net income by $880 as well as average creditcard debt of $7,234.   

 CredAbility ReConnect addresses these financialchallenges with a set of online tools, education and counseling.   Individuals and families served by IAVA,TAPS, and MSCCN will be able to access custom versions of the online program,free of charge, tailored to the unique needs of the veterans, families andsurvivors they serve.  Members of the armedforces, veterans and their families not affiliated with these organizations canaccess CredAbility ReConnect at

 CredAbility ReConnect covers:

 The Financial Impact of Deployment – Online courses to help military families deal with the financial implications of a deployment, including how to manage money while a spouse is overseas.

Easing theTransition – Online courses, such as “UnderstandingYour Military Benefits” and “Reconnecting Financially” help ease the financial transitionfor those who have recently left the armed forces or experienced the death of aservicemember

Budget and Credit Counseling - Personalized financial “check-ups” help users manage their money better and prioritize spending through easy-to-follow plans.  Online courses help with wise use of credit, debt reduction strategies, and setting goals for a healthier financial future.

 Debt Management Plans – Custom affordable repayment plans, often with reduced interest rates, fees and penalties for qualified individuals, help visitors pay down debt, negotiate with creditors and regain their financial footing.       

Foreclosure Prevention and Home Buying Guidance - HUD-certified counselors provide guidance to individuals who are behind on their mortgage payments or face foreclosure, as well as to prospective homebuyers.

Free one-on-one credit counseling with a CredAbilitycertified counselor is also available by telephone at 888-808-7285.

 “A serious need exists for a targeted setof financial assistance services like CredAbilityReConnect,” said Mechel Glass, Vice President of Community Outreach forCredAbility and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. “Young veterans who servedin Iraq or Afghanistan might want to create aplan to make regular deposits to an emergency savings account and pay downdebt. And active duty servicemembers might want to create a financial supportplan for spouses and children during times of deployment or transfer, or in theevent of a loss that leaves them financially vulnerable. CredAbility ReConnect will provide the education and counseling toshow them how to accomplish these personal finance goals.”

“Every member of the armed forces hassacrificed a great deal in service to their country, and in addition to thechallenges of military service, many face tremendous financial pressures aswell,” said Suni Harford, Citi’s Regional Head of Markets for North America.  “These brave men and women receive extensivemilitary training, but far too few of them receive any kind of formal financialeducation.  CredAbility ReConnect was developed to help these deservingmen and women build financial capability and achieve long-term economicsecurity for themselves and their families.”

Citi is an established leader in thenational effort to support veterans and active-duty servicemembers, includingthose in the Guard and Reserve, and CredAbility ReConnect is the latest initiative in a coordinated, firm-wide effortin this area.  In May, Citi launched CitiSalutes, a one-stop resource that consolidatesall of Citi’s programs, products and partnerships that support the greaterveterans community.  Later this month, Citiwill be helping to lead the second annual Veterans on Wall Street  conference and job fair in New York, an initiative co-founded by Citito develop career opportunities in the financial services industry forveterans.

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