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You have the ability to get your finances back on track–defeat credit card debt and more with free budget planning counseling and education from ClearPoint

In spite of the overwhelming financial distress you may feel, we are here for you, and we can help, with sound budget planning guidance that can help you defeat credit card debt and any other financial challenge you may be facing.

Our professional counselors offer confidential advice that helps you take a new look at budget planning, and helps you learn how to manage your credit card debt and any other debts, and help you learn how to start building savings. In a budget planning session, we’ll work with you to determine the most effective way to approach your particular situation, and, aftewards, we'll send you a personalized plan that can help you begin to stabilize your finances and meet future goals.

Whether you’re trying to tighten-up your budget or struggling to pay credit card debt, medical expenses or any other kind of financial obligation, take advantage of the free, completely confidential budget planning services we offer. You have the ability to regain control of your finances and pay down your credit card debt and more... get started today!

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Why Choose ClearPoint

ClearPoint has provided nonprofit credit counseling services to millions of consumers since 1964. Our counselors are certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC,) which means they meet exacting ethical, educational and counseling standards. ClearPoint is also a Department of Housing and Urban development-approved counseling provider. Our mission is to empower people with knowledge and solutions that provide hope and inspire lasting change. Many who come to us for advice are facing overwhelming credit card debt and other obligations such as student loans, car loans, payday loans and more. We take a holistic approach, taking into account all of your expenses, and making sure the budget planning advice you receive from us is personalized to your individual needs.

Free Budget Planning Session, No Obligation

During a budget planning session, you and your counselor will go over your current income and expenses including credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, car loans and any other that may be owed. Afterwards, you will receive a written summary including a recommended action plan. You are under no obligation to take any of the recommended steps. Your budget planning session is completely confidential. We do not report the information to your creditors or your credit report.

Your Budget Planning Session Suggests Free Online Education, 24/7

During your budget planning session, your counselor will recommend that you take advantage of the dozens of free online courses we offer at CredAbility.org/Education. Subjects include strategies for working your way out of credit card debt and other debts, as well as best practices for effective budget planning and management. Take the courses at a time that works best for you, and share them with your family!

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