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Getting into debt can happen to anybody. It can start with a job loss, a medical crisis, a natural disaster or even life in general. No one is immune.

But once your debt starts to mount, don't rely on just anybody to get you out of trouble.

ClearPoint makes it simple to pay down your debt.

Through our Debt Management Plans (DMP), you can pay off your credit cards, lower your interest rates, eliminate fees and put an end to collection calls - forever. Sound like a plan? Good, because our Certified Credit Counselors can help you get out of debt in four simple steps.

It's free. It's confidential.
And all it takes is a couple of minutes

To get out of debt sooner than you think,

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ClearPoint has helped thousands of people get out of debt. Why should you be any different?

For those clients living in the following states or territories: Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands, we are able to provide Budget and Credit counseling – as well as our other counseling services, but are not able to offer a Debt Management Plan. We can, however, provide you with information on who in your state could provide a DMP. If you would like referral information for your state, please click here.

How Does A Debt Management Plan Work?

The following video was produced under our former name of Consumer Credit Counseling Service.