We have the right services to put your finances back on track.

ClearPoint offers holistic care and support from experienced, certified counselors. We take a comprehensive view of your situation. And together, we will prepare a step-by-step plan to help you reach and maintain financial stability.

Our professional services include budget and credit counseling, debt management plans, housing counseling and bankruptcy counseling. Plus, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of educational programs.

All of our services are available nationwide—24/7, online and by telephone—in both English and Spanish. In addition, we offer in-person counseling at 28 offices throughout the southeastern US.

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Bankcruptcy Counseling

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Budget & Credit Counseling

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Financial Education Empowers at CredAbilityU

CredAbilityU offers financial training through online courses, webinars, portable podcasts, expert tips, tools, calculators and other resources. We’ll help you learn how to regain your confidence and financial control.