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Trying to prevent the foreclosure process? ClearPoint can help with a free review of potential options such as mortgage modification, repayment plans and more.

Whether you’re facing the foreclosure process or are concerned you might, ClearPoint can help with free, confidential foreclosure prevention counseling.

In a counseling session, we’ll help you understand the foreclosure process and review alternatives that may be available to you such as mortgage modification, which often requires working with lenders to refinance debt over a longer time period, thereby reducing the monthly payment. Other options might include temporarily suspended payments or special repayment plans.

Every situation is unique, but we can help you better understand the foreclosure process and the paths that may be open to you. We can also connect you with your lender to help maintain the communications link so important before and during the foreclosure process. Afterwards, you’ll receive an action plan to help you get back on track.

If you’re facing foreclosure, you’re not alone. Let ClearPoint help you determine potential alternatives to the foreclosure process such a mortgage modification or other options.

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Why Choose ClearPoint?

ClearPoint has provided nonprofit credit counseling services to millions of consumers since 1964, and we are HUD-approved to provide foreclosure prevention counseling nationwide. We are committed to providing compassionate support and helpful knowledge to people facing the foreclosure process. We’ve helped thousands of people work with their lenders on possible alternatives, including mortgage modification and several others.

What Happens During a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Session?

Together with your foreclosure prevention counselor, you’ll work to establish your budget, set priorities and then explore potential alternatives to the foreclosure process that may help you keep your home such as mortgage modification, forbearance, repayment plan and others. Then, you’ll work with your counselor on a plan of action that can help you get back on track.