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The Credit Union Advantage

As early as the 1950s, credit unions led the way for the credit counseling industry. They were developed as a way to help families and individuals experiencing financial problems. Since 1964, CredAbility has helped thousands of individuals and families get out of debt, save their homes and become effective money and credit managers. Plus we have provided many people with much needed alternatives to bankruptcy. As credit unions expand their membership and the credit counseling industry swells with questionable companies, having a tested, trusted and reliable credit counseling partner is more important than ever. Beneficial For You – The Credit Union Advantage enables credit unions to offer their members dependable credit counseling, regularly scheduled financial literacy classes and workable Debt Management Programs. Whether a member is behind on a credit union loan or simply wants to improve their financial management skills, CredAbility offers a wide variety of services to help members reach financial stability.

To learn more about Beneficial For You, contact us at 800.251.2227 or by email at info@credability.org.