Together, we can provide effective money management education and counseling to your workforce.

For employees, the daily demands of the workplace along with the stress of a personal financial crisis can affect the overall quality of your business.

When you partner with ClearPoint, we help your employees learn more about managing money and dealing with financial problems—which can positively impact your business. Financial stability can help reduce stress, turnover and absenteeism, while increasing employee satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Our certified counselors will assess the financial health of your employees and provide support—either with educational resources or short-term confidential counseling.

As your partner, ClearPoint can help your employees learn more about:

  • Managing their money, credit and debt
  • Maintaining their homeownership
  • Finding alternatives to bankruptcy
  • Learning how to buy a home

Let us help maximize the performance of your people and your business. To put ClearPoint’s Corporate & Employee Assistance Partnership to work for you, call 800.445.5905 today to speak with a representative or