As our partner, we can help your clients get the financial advice and education they need.

Each of our programs can be structured to provide access to a pre-determined selection of counseling and educational services designed to meet your specific needs. While your clients benefit from our expertise, administrative functions provide you with summary reporting on program activity, access to required certificates, and where appropriate, consolidated payment arrangements.

Choose a Partner Program in bankruptcy, housing, credit counseling, personal financial education or create your own:

Bankruptcy Partner Partnership

We offer a dedicated partner
support team, summary
billing and online
certificate access.

Corporate and Employee Assistance Partnership

CredAbility can help keep your
employees financially stable
and productive.

Design Your Own Partnership

Let's build a partnership
designed specifically to
help your clients gain
financial control.

Pre-Purchase Partnership

We can prepare your clients to select,
buy and maintain a home.

Reverse Mortgage Partnership

For your clients 62 and over, we
can explain and guide them
through this important

Foreclosure Prevention Partnership


Our innovative programs
can help your clients
avoid foreclosure and
regain financial stability.

Contact Partner Relations

Partnership programs help expand our reach, supporting our efforts to provide counseling and education to people facing financial challenges. Let us create a customized program that provides valuable assistance to your clients, with solid accountability and reporting for you. Call our Partner Relations Group today at 800.445.5905 or