We guide people on the path towards home ownership.

At ClearPoint, we will work closely with you to design a pre-purchase counseling and/or education program to help your prospective homebuyers understand the entire process, and prepare them for the financial responsibilities of home ownership.

We offer homebuyer education workshops, private pre-purchase counseling and first-time homebuyer programs—even rental counseling.

As your partner, ClearPoint counseling and educational workshops can help your client:

  • Determine affordability
  • Save for a down payment
  • Evaluate their credit report
  • Decide on the right mortgage

In addition, we will show them how to develop a manageable monthly budget after closing. Plus, our programs meet HUD pre-purchase program requirements for a total of 8 hours of counseling and education. Each program meets most mortgage insurance reduction and down-payment assistance education requirements. Certificates are issued upon completion as evidence that your clients have satisfied the program requirements.

To become part of the ClearPoint Housing Pre-Purchase Partnership, call 800.445.5905 to speak with a representative or