Our innovative programs can help your clients avoid foreclosure and regain financial stability.

If your clients are falling behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, then ClearPoint can help quickly and efficiently.

In one-on-one confidential sessions, our certified housing counselors will look carefully at your client’s situation. We will identify immediate options and then develop a plan of action to help get your client back on track.

As our partner, ClearPoint can help your client by:

  • Establishing a manageable budget
  • Setting financial priorities
  • Developing the right strategies
  • Finding options to avoid foreclosure

You benefit from expert, holistic services consistently applied by one of the most trusted and experienced nonprofit counseling agencies in the country. Plus, you have support from our dedicated Partner Relations team, with the opportunity for summary reporting on program activity, access to required certificates, and where appropriate, consolidated payment arrangements.

ClearPoint is recognized as a national intermediary by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), approved to provide housing counseling throughout the nation.

To establish a ClearPoint Foreclosure Prevention Partnership, call 800.445.5905 to speak with a representative or